for Journalism and Media Studies students, level 4/Hons & MA

Lecturer: Prof Guy Berger


This course has theoretical and applied components, revolving around a hands-on project of imparting media skills to high school youth in Grahamstown's townships.


The course will empower participants for a career as a media trainer, or to operate as a senior media executive who plays a mentor/coach role in the workplace.

Course outline in brief:

The theoretical side is a seminar-driven programme covering debates about media education, leadership, the role of media in formal and informal education, teaching techniques, development, evaluation methods, curriculum design and presentation skills using Powerpoint software.

The practical side entails designing and implementing a school newspaper training project called “Grab” with local scholars. Expectations: Participants in this course are expected to combine theory with practice in critical and self-reflective way. This will be by researching and presenting a seminar, and by designing and executing approximately five workshops on Saturday mornings during the semester.


This is by the development of understanding of the issues involved and application of the skills. A portfolio submitted at the end of the course should contain a twice-weekly journal, a self-evaluation model with results, analysis of video-recordings of media training, and copies of workshop programmes. The marks are based according to the standard formulae for J4/Hons courses (5% coursework, 15% exam) and MA coursework (20% exam).

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